FULL NAME: kim jisook

ALSO GOES BY: sookie

AGE & DATE OF BIRTH: 21 → july, 18

YEAR: 3rd (junior)

MAJOR: urban anthropology

CLUBS/AFFILIATION: cheerleading, yonsei fitness center

SORORITY: sigma kappa


great people do things before they are ready.

▶︎ how often are people born on dark and stormy nights? well, jisook wasn't one of those people. instead, she was born in the middle of the day
  • she's got a small body, and is insanely flexible. she's able to fit into small spaces and thinks it's a great system if she wants to surprise or scare someone.
  • modle figurines, video games, anime and comic books. jisook love sit all and spends a lot of time workin on them.
  • on the flip side, nail art, healthy living, yoga, make up and skin care are other passions of hers as well.
  • addicted to blogging as well